Pioneering an engaging and interactive tool for HSBC agents as a guidance during early stages of the sales process.

Conceptualising complex organisational frameworks of nearly 20 distinct MoD departments.

Increasing 45% in course completion rate by designing a series of unique graphics that represent both the topic and the Mercer brand.

Massive savings through future-proof, interactive online platform promoting social collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Driving 93% satisfaction levels through the creation of compelling, engaging and personable elearning packages.

Increasing pre-order sales by 22.5% through adaptable, interactive sales tool showcasing Toshiba’s products.

Huge savings through the development of an award winning immersive elearning experience.


Using neuromarketing techniques to drive customer engagement, resulting in 26% reduction in time for the sales process.

Creating a user experience centred design to revolutionise TEVA’s intranet engagement levels.

Driving 97% employee satisfaction through the development of flexible, experiential elearning packages utilising gamification techniques.

Driving transformation through refined messaging to generate company-wide, global engagement.

Boosting revenue potential five fold by providing BT’s sales force with an innovative and interactive virtual showcase.