One Country. 20,000 People

Twenty thousand people – the whole of the UK workforce – had to undergo annual training. This repetitive learning was time-consuming for all those concerned. Our task was to reinvigorate the experience to reignite their learning process.

Giving back control

While the old training package was good, it didn’t allow the workforce to set their own learning pace. We needed to find a way to place the learner in control while maintaining engagement and learning goals.

Asset 1
Transforming prescriptive learning into a self-paced course that gives greater flexibility.
Asset 2
Using nano learning, a combination of formats creates an interactive and engaging course.
Asset 3
The script uses history and analogies to ignite learning and engagement.
Asset 4
Embedded user selection participation helps the user dictate their own learning path.
Asset 5
An intelligent assessment system enables targeted learning.
Asset 6
By delivering only the learning that was required by each learner, BT saved £5 million over 3 years

Self-paced learning

The nano learning concept is the driving force behind the creation of self-paced learning. By splitting micro sections into nano ‘chunks’, the learner is placed firmly on control of their learning, delivering a much higher level of flexibility than was possible before.


Igniting learning and engagement

The script is the core of every e-learning package. If you want your people to learn and absorb information, it has to be delivered in an entertaining and memorable way.
Drawing on historical references and other analogies, we provided context to the material being absorbed in interesting and entertaining ways so the learners could easily make sense of new concepts. This combination of visuals and context ignites learning and engagement.


Intelligent Assessment Streamlines Learning

The biggest problem with annual learning requirements is their repetitive nature. Being faced with the same information, year after year, can switch off learners, reducing the impact of each learning session.
The game changer here was the use of an intelligent pre-assessment system. By undertaking a ‘refresher test’ before the course begins, the learner is only taken to those areas of the course identified as ‘weak knowledge areas,’ therefore, only the right material is delivered.