The Problem

Alcatel-Lucent was in the process of a three-year transformation.

It wanted to get its 35,000 employees to embrace the changes, but because they were spread across 100 countries, communicating the changes in an engaging and effective way was a challenge.

Although Alcatel-Lucent already had a strategy and process for change, it was proving difficult to spread the word and generate the enthusiasm necessary to its global network of offices and branches.

Before approaching Clarity International, the company used email as its main communication medium, but it was clear from initial feedback that employees were suffering from ‘comms fatigue’.

This was compounded by inconsistent messaging and so different groups received different or only partial information about the changes, resulting in confusion and apathy because no one had a clear idea of what the company’s transformation was about.

The Solution

Before a solution could be found, Clarity International spent time to fully understand Alcatel-Lucent’s position, gathering data points from a number of fact-finding workshops.

During these sessions, key messages were captured and brought into a visual representation, a ‘Big Picture’, detailing all the elements of the transformation.

Through this process we were able to identify a single message and metaphor to clearly communicate the process that would lead to the transformation.

Using imagery, the team at Clarity International created a ‘Story-Map’ that also acted as a timeline to show employees what would be happening and when. User-friendly imagery was used throughout to help people understand the past, present, short-term and long-term goals.

The engagement tools created by Clarity International were taken on road shows that provided the perfect stage to showcase the company’s new identity. Adding to this Clarity International created modern digital tools including a video story, intranet and app.