The Problem

BT sought to build an online, future-proof solution where its employees could find the tools, programmes and community needed to encourage personal growth and development.

The resource, known as BT Academy, needed to be highly engaging, easy to use, relevant, interactive and accessible to all. By harnessing the whole BT community, the Academy would empower employees by ensuring their skills were tradable internally and recognised externally.

The Solution

Our approach was to give every employee an individual brand identity through an exercise whereby we analysed the critical and specialist skills of 90,000 employees who were then divided into 28 professional ‘families’.

Using SharePoint 2013, Clarity International created a solution that was fully integrated to all other BT systems, providing easy access to content in the existing BT learning catalogue.

The new BT Academy needed to offer far more than just training, becoming a platform that brings together professionals across the whole organisation, promoting social collaboration and knowledge sharing, and allowing employees to gain access to experts and the latest thinking, as well as providing development opportunities that go beyond formal training.

Through the provision of knowledge sharing, mentoring and coaching, BT employees can now come together to build on their expertise and solve common challenges.