The Problem

BT wanted to revolutionise the learning experience for its employees.

Its traditional eLearning methods were falling short because its employees were finding the process too long and repetitive. As a result, it was widely believed to be taking up too much valuable time that could be better spent elsewhere.

Therefore, BT needed a solution that would immerse its employees, providing them with a learning experience that was memorable and interactive.

The Solution

The initial stage of this project was to analyse the existing content. This particular eLearning package had to be repeated on an annual basis, which meant users had to repeat the same content as there was no way of skipping areas they were already familiar with.

This familiarity issue was addressed by creating a solution that allowed users to pre-assess their knowledge so during the eLearning experience they would only be presented with content of which they had no previous knowledge.

An assessment taken at the end made sure each employee had taken the new information on board and was able to put it into practice.

To boost engagement, each module was limited to 2-3 minutes (the optimum time for retention and attention span) and its content broken up by the inclusion of amusing animations. Progress through these bite-sized modules was tracked so each learner could go at their own pace and return to their eLearning when they had time, without having to repeat sections.

A combination of content, professional voice-over, subtitles and onscreen texts ensured the learning experience was accessible to all users and catered for all learning styles – visual, kinaesthetic and auditory.