The Problem

Huawei had developed an excellent solution for Big Data analysis. However, it didn’t have the marketing tools necessary to showcase the product to its major mobile clients such as Vodafone.

Huawei realised that its solution not only had to be effective, it also had to make the company stand out from its competitors. Therefore, Huawei approached Clarity International for advice on the right approach.

The Solution

Before developing any sales tool, it’s essential to understand who your customers are and the issues they are facing. During the first stage of this project we established, through market research, a number of critical ‘personas’ that the product would be designed around . This helped to clarify how the product would improve the experience of its customers as individuals.

To assist in this process, we created a realistic simulation of the product and a series of use cases. The resulting customer experience prototype was used as a concept demonstrator to uncover Vodafone’s customers’ frustrations and issues and show how our mobile solution could hit users at the right time, targeting them when they were most in need.

Employing expert ‘neuromarketing’ techniques, we created a realistic simulation, placing the viewer in the situation so they could visualise the experience through their own eyes.

With access to the demo on all mobile devices, Huawei’s sales representatives were able to present it to a wide client base whilst out and about.