The Challenge: 13,000 x 7 ÷1

What does Thirteen thousand, seven, and one have in common? They were the variables we had to work with. Openreach’s 13,000 engineers had to undergo mandatory training in seven areas.

Mountains to climb

Holding individual sessions wasn’t working. The engineers are field-based making it challenging for them to attend training sessions, not to mention the colossal amount of time wasted commuting to the learning venue each time.

Asset 1
Transforming seven individual courses into a single dynamic 45-minute programme
Asset 2
Translating dry material into absorbing, interactive content that inspires and encourages learning
Asset 3
Migrating from a central training location to a mobile learning platform to facilitate ‘anywhere learning’
Asset 4
Creating a hierarchical learning structure focusing on what the engineers needed to know
Asset 5
Defining an end-user persona helps us understand the needs and behaviours of the engineers
Asset 6
Combining discovery sections, interactivity, images, and video to create an immersive learning formula

A Nano transformation

Nano learning is a revolutionary technique, where we subdivide traditional three-minute modules into nano bites that use a combination of high-engagement learning techniques.
The result was transformational, with Openreach engineers gaining access to a highly engaging 45-minute mobile learning solution.


13,000 engineers × 6 hours of training = thousands hours reclaimed

Real transformation only comes from applying a digital transformation strategy that aligns with the client and end-users’ needs.
Reducing their training programme from seven courses to one has reclaimed thousands of working hours.


Our solutions are built to be the best for business.

As a result, Openreach has seen substantial cost savings (in terms of reduced travel costs associated with the learning), time savings (less downtime for the engineers), and an improved process. As for the engineers, their overwhelmingly positive feedback speaks for itself.