Get everyone involved

Mercer’s challenge was to reinvent the way their Cashflow Management training was delivered while also highlighting key operational stages and procedures in order to bridge the gap between training and learning.

Partnership, trust, and communication

We understand that every successful learning journey begins with a solid foundation. Only after a thorough analysis of Mercer’s content and expectations did we begin to set our creativity in motion to build something unique, memorable, and valuable.

Translating complex concepts into manageable learning elements for a guided learning journey.
Emphasis was placed on achieving a balance between content and visual interface.
We applied our award-winning eLearning development methodology to engage learners and generate elevated knowledge retention and performance.
Cashflow management is an art, and increasingly a science that creates the difference between profit and bankruptcy.
45% increase in course completion rate and a 20% boost to performance.
Post-assessment questions, interaction points, and a timeline feature for enhanced interactivity.

Knowledge Remains King

After designing a series of unique graphics that properly represent both the topic and the Mercer brand, we set in motion our design teams to bring just the right touch of lightness to keep the learner engaged while ensuring long-term knowledge retention.

At Clarity International, our philosophy is to manage things, but also lead people, and we hold this at the core of our eLearning development. The results, and the feedback, speak for themselves.