The art of communication

Communication is key in keeping the Ministry of Defense on top of their game and ahead of the race. With numerous departments and partners to coordinate throughout the UK, the MoD needed an effective solution to a common organisational problem; how to consistently convey cohesive messages to teams and partners during times of organisational transformation.

The language of leadership

Clarity’s vision was to use an integrated approach to promote feeling of value and inclusion. Their aim was to educate others on team functions and responsibilities as well as update communications collateral in a way that stayed true to the MoD’s core message.

Communication that goes beyond simple solutions and embodies MoD values with confidence and pride and security.
Represent a cross-section of the employee base and promote a feeling of value and inclusion.
Development of a cohesive and consistent message to guide and inspire internal and external audiences.
Conceptualise a complex organisational framework of nearly 20 distinct departments into a visual representation that aligns with the MoD’s voice.
Future-proofed strategy balancing longevity and responsibility while focusing on department-specific tasks and functions.
Generated significant global interest from potential and existing partners and customers within the first week of launch.

Come to a better understanding

We spent time with the MoD team, learning about their aspirations and challenges while offering key stakeholders an opportunity to express their thoughts about what the MoD prides itself on. We shaped a precise plan for an end-to-end transformation of the way the MoD communicates, developed a new bank of images, styled a set of icons, and designed a new brand identity.

A solution that implements animated educational videos, eye-catching yet simple graphics to represent the many departments and their partners, and modernised their brand guidelines, all while developing a single reference point where information and knowledge is stored and shared.

We proved that creativity has a place in communication, even at the highest level, and that crafting a message that resonates with everyone is achievable when done the right way. It’s what leads clients to us, and it’s what makes us the leader.