The Problem

Traditional forms of staff training have an inevitable impact on productivity and costs because they mean time away from the office.

With this in mind, the NHS was looking for an alternative solution that would allow its internal communications teams to be trained quickly on how to manage its key stakeholders.

It was important that the solution was concise and memorable, offering a similar learning experience to onsite training.

The Solution

The main issues with this project centred around two needs: creating content that would engage and be memorable; and a personable approach that would replicate onsite training.

We began by analysing the key content that was to be communicated. This was then broken down into sections to create a compelling learning package that would keep employees engrossed through their training experience.

This modular approach also allowed users to dip in and out of the training material so they could easily fit it around their schedules.

To make the training personable, a professional voice-over artist was used maintaining the benefits of classroom learning whilst allowing users to complete their training in the office, in the field, or during their spare time via access through mobile devices.

Finally, to cater for all learning styles and to increase the accessibility of the learning material interactivity, infographics, onscreen texts and subtitles were used.