No desktops in sight

Working in a high-pressured retail environment demands mobile learning. EE’s staff never stand still, so their learning had to be readily available on their mobiles and tablets.

Fast, easy, and dippable

In such a fluid retail environment, the learning course had to be fast to access and easy to use. With only short bursts of time available, it also needed to be ‘dippable’, automatically keeping track of the learners’ progress, so they didn’t have to start over.

Asset 1
Defining multiple user personas and the learning environment helps us better understand the needs of the learners.
Asset 2
Without access to desktops, the learning needed to be connected to their mobile devices.
Asset 3
Defining a journey map helps us analyse behaviours and identify optimum learning times.
Asset 4
The script and animations use humour to make the content memorable and easy to learn.
Asset 5
Using an agile approach, the quizzes are done throughout the course, not just at the end.
Asset 6
Tracking progress means learners can dip and out of the content without having to start over.

Following their journey

Effective learning can only be achieved if you understand your audience and their environment. Visiting the EE shops and observing staff behaviour, we defined a journey map to help us identify touch-points for the most appropriate times for learning.


Smile while you learn

Humour enhances learning by tapping into learning styles and helping learners think in different ways. Creating this sense of fun through the script and animations, boosts participation and increases motivation. As a result, learners focus more on the material.
When learning is fun, it’s also more memorable helping ingrain the information in the minds of the 8,000 EE retail staff members.


Keeping Tabs

Considering the fluid nature of the working environment of the learners, they are unlikely to be able to access the course material and have time to complete it in one go.
By automatically tracking their progress, we have given them the ability to dip and out of the material, as and when learning opportunities arise, without having to repeat any of the sections, saving a lot of time and frustration on the learner’s behalf.