Engaging Learning

It’s one thing speaking to your learner, but getting them to really listen is another altogether. By understanding the varied ways in which people engage with information, we engineered the YNAP course material so that it not only sparks interest, but also increases engagement and boosts retention.

Seamless delivery

Connecting busy people with course material all over the world may seem impossible. However following rapid implementation, our Learning Management System (LMS) connected YNAP with all members of it’s operation, enabling seamless delivery of training and performance monitoring across the entire group.

Asset 1
Courses are split into bite-sized pieces of learning containing multiple, varied interactions.
Asset 2
Delivery of a solution to compliance in no time at all. Enabling businesses and stakeholders to make quick decisions.
Asset 3
Intelligent software design that displays elaborate information in a clear and concise way.
Asset 4
Custom illustrations following the brand guidelines.
Asset 5
Cloud based management system so that courses can be shared instantly, worldwide.
Asset 6
User based system, allowing for tracking and measuring of course completion and achievement.

More than the sum of it’s parts…

Investing in staff is a sound decision for any business to make. It builds a solid foundation in the organization, allowing for strength and stability during periods of growth. It also empowers people, allowing them to act with confidence when facing difficult times or tough decisions.


Complex, simplified

Our innate ability to understand the complex needs of our customers allowed us to meet and exceed the high standards set by YNAP.


Simplifying every step of the delivery process

The product we delivered has been used effectively by 5,000 users and continues to provide exceptional training to all members across the group.