The Problem

TEVA, a leading global pharmaceutical company, has a presence in 39 countries with its 46,000 employees connected through Teva.Net, the company’s intranet.

However, the lack of structure to the intranet’s content and its poor usability made it difficult for the global workforce to work together.

The challenge presented to us was to find a way of improving the intranet so that information is communicated to all users in a consistent and engaging way.

The Solution

Our aim was for the intranet, Teva.Net, to become a personalised, indispensable tool that would support employees in their day-to-day work and encourage collaboration.

First up, we analysed the existing intranet platform and began the redesign of the user interaction and graphic user interface.

We wanted to produce a state-of-the-art user experience by reorganising content elements, functionality and refreshing the user experience so information was presented to the users both naturally and intuitively.

By enabling its use on desktop and mobile, Teva.Net was transformed into a tool that could be utilised by all users regardless of their location. In addition, the revised Teva.Net encouraged social collaboration by allowing users to become content editors. Employees were able to easily contribute and share information on the intranet to cement their place as experts and enable collaboration on common goals.

The functional design of the new intranet conveyed information, news and operational tools by identifying solutions and strategies to gather and make content clearly distinct to fully engage users.