The Problem

Every year Toshiba attends the IFA (International Radio Exhibition), Europe’s largest consumer electronics trade fair, which is attended by over 273,800 people.

With over 1200 competitors exhibiting, Toshiba needed to create a sales tool that would make it stand out, showcasing its latest innovative products.

The products exhibited were still under development and production, therefore Toshiba needed a flexible sales tool that could be used at the event, distributed to resellers and their sales force across Europe and used on their external website.

The Solution

Given the multipurpose nature of the proposed sales tool, we had to re-package current marketing information to make it relevant and easier to understand for the wider market.

We developed an interactive demo of the Toshiba products (e.g. camcorder, smart TV, mini camera, tablet etc.), which allowed attendees and consumers to visualise the products offering a real insight into their latest innovative features.

The key to the success of this project was content syndication. Through the development of the reference architecture, Toshiba can easily reuse and redistribute the interactive sales tool.

With the ability to view the sales tool on various devices, our solution also provided a low-maintenance and environmentally friendly approach to front their sales and marketing campaign.