The world is quickly adapting; everything is now more dynamic and distributed, and the workforce is now demanding information instantly wherever they are. Yet, maintaining consistency and focus across a far-flung enterprise team isn’t easy.

More than ever, mobile teams need seamless access to a score of resources – all of which need to have been designed to accurately represent the brand and its products to buyers in complex market environments.

Enabling the mobile workforce requires enterprises to address a host of issues around management of mobile devices, data, applications, security, and expenses. But as solutions for these challenges become increasingly commoditised, the focus is shifting to optimising the user experience.

A is for App

According to research, companies with engaged workers outperform those with disengaged workers by 202%. It’s no secret that a satisfied, happy, and engaged worker is more productive and more likely to stay loyal to the company for longer. Staying connected in the workplace is an important way to foster this engagement.

I’ve heard many people talk about apps being dead, but in our view, mobile technology is currently the best (and frankly only) tool on the market that can truly reach every person in an organisation, whether they work in the office, in the field, or from home.

We’ve partnered up with some of the industry’s leaders to develop enterprise applications which are then integrated within the organisation across a wide variety of networks such as mobile applications, Internet, Intranet, or corporate portals.

These apps are usually intricate and complex for individual or small/midsize businesses typically designed to meet strict privacy and security concerns of large organizations. That said, with rapid proliferation of mobile devices and technological advancement, enterprise mobility services are now used by the small, mid and large sized businesses to streamline critical business processes and enhance efficiency.

What’s your goal?

First and foremost, you want to be sure to seek a solution that is secure, and also gives you the ability to moderate content and measure results. Additionally, the solution should provide a way for employees to have a voice. Another important feature is having a way to effectively measure engagement.

Whatever the purpose of your development, your application or tool should enable you to deliver training, content, and news via mobile/tablet. Gone are the days where a mobile workforce should have to congregate at a centralised location to receive up-to-date information.

For instance, if your goal is to use the app for training purposes, the sky is the limit. At Clarity International, we’re passionate in the development of creating bespoke eLearning content for clients of all sizes. As such, we believe that mobile is no longer a consideration, just a given, as we’ve spoken about in the past.

Each package we create is built so that it works on any device – desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile, and can be integrated with apps and mobile operating systems of all kinds.

Visibility and Recognition

If you want your business noticed by prospects and existing customers, you need to be where they are. We’ve covered in detail the benefits that this enablement can bring to a business; it boosts the number and quality of prospects and customers for sales while also providing a service of value for them.

This will increase your business’ visibility because you’ll be giving users something they want to use. It will also give your business recognition by showing you care about your customers and want to help them.

Times are a changin’

Changing workforce dynamics mean there is a heightened expectation on HR leaders to provide a more natural workplace experience. Now, more than ever, it’s crucial that HR leaders tap into the power of mobility before workers decide to take their skills elsewhere.

By mobilizing HR self-service capabilities into a suite of micro apps, employees and managers can more easily submit a PTO request, view a pay stub, or approve a travel request. The functions that can be most easily mobile-enabled are with Corporate Communications, HR Operations, and Benefits. 

Back to Basics

From corporate messaging apps for collaboration, payment processing, email marketing, automated billing systems to enterprise application integration (EAI) and business intelligence, enterprise business applications are a smart way forward.

Before you take a plunge in enterprise application development, you need to carefully assess your business needs to develop an app that delivers profitable outcomes with definite growth trajectory. By keeping everything under one room, so to speak, you’re able to give your team and clients something to be proud of.

Clarity International is an award-winning expert in building bespoke Intranet tools and applications enabling companies to interact with their national and global workforce. Find out how we’ve helped other clients, such as BTTEVA and Alcatel-Lucent boost their Employee Engagement by taking a look at our Case Studies.