The first question we need to address is, exactly what is employee engagement?

Then we need to ask why it’s so important your employees are engaged?

You have two types of employees: those that show up and do what’s expected; and then there are those who do all of what’s expected and more, going beyond their job description to add extra value to your business.

A SharePoint intranet will help encourage the latter.

Collaboration is the key

In an earlier article we looked at what makes SharePoint such a great intranet platform.

Here at Clarity International, SharePoint is our ‘go to’ technology for intranet projects. Our clients have found that it opens the door to collaboration, social interaction, and is an effective tool to connect their disconnected workers.

Imagine if your managers had everything they needed to manage their team in one place.

What if doctors had a way of consulting each other on the fly through hand-held devices to help them make faster and more accurate diagnoses?

If your employees have to travel, what difference would it make to have an online data bank of travel tips, recommended hotels and restaurants? Not only could it save them time, it could also help keep their expenses down.

Therefore an intranet that contained information in one location that can be accessed from anywhere would not only help the engagement of your employees, it would also have a positive effect in your productivity.

Keeping your communications flowing

Another key ingredient to employee engagement is communication.

All too often companies communicate from on high – where senior management merely broadcast one-way messages to their workforce, which is a real shame, because news is a great tool for engagement.

Adding a social element to your intranet gives employees the opportunity to comment and share ideas. Collaborating in this way makes them feel part of your organisation rather than just a faceless employee.

Learning from each other

It is this social element that really drives employee engagement.

The ability to contribute ideas can drive innovation and inclusivity. An intranet that enables instant messaging, video conferencing, online meetings and online document storage gives your employees the freedom to manage their own time and opens up the possibility of remote working.

Employees also need to be able to provide feedback and voice their opinions, beyond the standard review sessions with managers. Introducing a social element will enable this and make it easy to conduct polls and provide a useful forum for online discussions.

All of this adds up to greater engagement.

SharePoint’s powerful platform can easily be manipulated and moulded by skilled designers, architects and developers, to create tools that will help you achieve your business goals.

By empowering your staff through greater collaboration, on-demand learning and clearer communication channels, you’ll see greater engagement levels that will have a positive impact on your ROI.

Find out how we’ve helped other clients, such as BT, Teva and Alcatel-Lucent boost their employee engagement by taking a look at our case studies.