Social Learning in Business

New technologies allow to expand the course of learning in many ways. The process of acquiring knowledge and skills no longer needs to take place during business hours and with the staff sitting in an office. It’s natural that digital learning would bring new possibilities and methods of studying and Social Learning has amazing benefits to all who take part.

Social Learning Approach, confidence through collaboration

Many employees simply enjoy helping their colleagues with their problems. Some of them spend their free time explaining difficult subjects to others and so it makes the process of learning quite fun. By helping others, users can acquire valuable skills and improve their self-esteem.

Collaborative Learning

An interesting thing happens when several users collaborate on a problem. Thanks to the community related functionalities available in our social learning platforms, they exchange comments freely and study in a group of friends given the proper framework and shared goals.

Research and Innovation in Clarity

Clarity International thrives on the challenge to find a place which not only satisfies employees most common needs, but also does it in a way ensuring the quality of content found and the educational nature of the resource works. Allowing people to exchange knowledge and skills in the workplace is a sure benefit for all.

Apply Social Learning

To really unlock the potential of your people we ensure they take ownership of their own personal route to success. Our solutions connect them with coaches, peers and experts in the organisation and beyond, empowering them to control their own Personal Development Plan.

We make sure that employees can learn and innovate at the speed of business in order to respond to new customer demands and technological advantages.

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  • On The Job
  • Give Back

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BT sought to build an online, future-proof solution where its employees could find the tools, programmes and community needed to encourage personal growth and development.


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