Better engagement driven by exceptional animation

Video is the most effective communication medium known to man. Done well, video is a brilliant way to get your message across and enhance your brand. Done badly, it isn’t. That’s why thanks to the best professionals in the video industry we’ve managed to achieve a level of quality and professionalism in the execution of every communication that our clients love.

Animation - Scintillating scripting to enhance information retention

The most important key to an effective film is the script. This can be delivered by voiceover, superimposed captions, a presenter or narrated purely through visuals. However it’s delivered, it’s undoubtedly the case that a great ‘script’ is the cornerstone for an effective film. We at Clarity International will work closely with you to create an evocative script which clearly communicates your creative vision.

Sound Design

Video work by marrying up moving pictures with music and sound. Music is an extremely emotional medium and using it consistently can go a long way to defining the emotional take-outs we want viewers to have from any film.

We work with a composer that lets you create exactly the mood you want for your film.

Voice Over

Choice of voiceover artist is a vital ingredient – and it’s easy to get wrong. We will help you choose an appropriate VO artist. Nationality, regional accent, race, gender, or age of a voiceover is only important insofar as it fits the subject matter or tone of the video.

Bringing written word to life using sketch and animation

Scripting is just the foundation from which we build a beautiful story. Using storyboarding, we ensure your vision is incorporated throughout the production process. From here we’ll have the tools in place to offer you a memorable, magical, and entertaining video using our award winning animations.

  • Script
  • Concept Design
  • Storyboarding
  • Video Board
  • Graphic Production
  • Animation
  • Sound

See our communication experience come to life

A descriptive video with a touch of fun built around the ACCA transformation story. Using a descriptive narrative to build up an image of the overall ACCA transformation big picture.
The perfect introduction to the new BT Academy, combining compelling scripting, engaging imagery and motion graphics to build momentum and get employees onboard.
A balance of quirky caricatures and a colourful script are combined to create an informative video to educate customers about what to expect from their Openreach service.

Ready for business

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